One is the 2b pencil, the other is a mechanical pencil and the third one is the 4b pencil. Free Pencil Brushes for Photoshop by Tony Thomas The drawings come off as real, and they are very flexible and adjustable. These come in the ABR file format and can be found for sale, or for free online, from sources such as Brusheezy.. Because there are probably thousands of tools like this on the internet, to get the perfect pencil brush that would make your image come out great might be hard. Make sure to review the terms of use of each brush before using them, especially if you want to use them for commercial works. These are 7 custom brushes that can be used for basic designs and digital art. Unique Photoshop Brushes. If you are looking to sketch a rough image before definition, this is the brush for you. Simple pencil doodles and rubbings make this a great set to use as textures on images. Daves digital Pencil and Graphite set Version 4 by Brollonks: This works as a perfect option for scribbles, freehand drawings, and illustrations. However, as awesome as this set of brushes is, there are a few limitations as this works for just photoshop up to CS5. My First Pencil Set by Erica-A-Allen: This is a brush set that works in all the versions of photoshop. They are perfect for photoshop sketching. 4. 1. There are 9 brushes from sketches using colored pencils. 2. Each of them has different purposes, and they all have a way of making the picture look real. All the styles included in this set, are styles that you would most certainly find useful. A set of pencil brushes for Photoshop for creating digital illustrations with realistic pencil effects. They work beautifully for sketches, technical drawings, notations, lettering, layout, and digital roughs. For just three brushes in a set, they sure have a lot of functions. They are very flexible, and you can adjust presets just as you would like without limitations. This is a perfect tool for people who really want to add some grayscale to their designs. Use them to create a more personalized artwork like post cards, greeting cards, etc. These are not as stylish as some of the aforementioned pencil brushes. Sketchy Pencil Alpha by HGGraphic Designs: A set of brushes which make sketching pretty easy. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});