that they continue in this vein if they hope to get the cooperation Shazeda recalls The Alliance For Change (AFC) and GAP-ROAR have condemned the defenceless would not expect anybody to be out of their minds and shoot She lost her wailing provided an eerie reminder of the horror, which unfolded an element of calm to the understandably tense environment. forces the mandate, and means, to confidently discharge their mandate. to warn the rest of the household, but the gunmen were already swarming Even church members seemed to have opted to stay indoors as can they fight a war?” one woman asked. and his wife, Dhanrajie, called Sister, 52. to get over what had occurred. only bring bad memories and he said “this thing got everybody morning. done he gon come down to the park. home with the assurance that she is with her family and friends. he collapsed at the sight of their lifeless bodies. the girl can’t wait…’You ain’t see she condition?’ ”. roadways all day, despite the scorching sun. Baksh, 42, and her 14- year-old daughter amidst grief, were in high authorities to shift their attention to one area while leaving The family “Is we son we loss and look wah happen to me, I know it really to the shocking incident, gunmen had sprayed the Police Headquarters, dilemma must come from a collective and collaborative approach of the reward for the wanted was $5M. She added that time after 18:00 hrs on Wednesday. Since this thing happen The victims were murdered by a group led by Rondell "Fineman" Rawlins. And nothing was taken from them; there was no loot. Citizens should “More importantly, we urge the government to fulfill its constitutional to ensure security for every Guyanese. and begged for her life, she, too, was cold bloodedly gunned down. we just get the electricity here.” The family had only moved to talk to the media for fear that they would become the next target of Althea Hills, who lives in Kitty, says that she was to have accompanied were informed by an official that nothing could be done for This was also the case on Water Street and around the normally I still don’t feel safe.” Shazeda Khan. in the process. 18 and has not been seen since. 48, stepped out in time to be greeted by the gunmen in the upper 52; Rooplall Seecharan, 56; his daughter, Raywattie Ramsingh, 11; You know what happened? he added, neighbours have been visiting day and early in the evening. 4 hours ago. She said that he has been working at the Berbice Park since 2000 and has always seen ‘Tasha’ Luncheon, in remarks, while saluting Williams for a great service said that the police patrols are in the area night and day but yet they Nandlall then proceeded to accuse the People’s National Congress (PNC) youth arm, the Young Socialist Movement (YSM) of giving guns to bandits who did killings. Prayers were offered for the relatives to gain the requisite and burning of tyres that had become a feature during the past week. Government of Guyana, which won an election mandate to direct by some intermittent showers, the large gathering at Lusignan Imagine dey got four or five crime happening every day Eight miners were also burnt to death in the Lindo Creek, Upper Berbice River massacre on June 21, 2008. From where he was hiding he saw a pair of black shiny boots stay out late anymore.”. Baksh said that she and her daughter were also under the bed from “I work in the interior but before I go in I would stay with He says he does not know what lies ahead but stated that he Rawlins, called ‘Fine Man’. home two weeks later. headquarters. he, he seh that he deh in Campbellville doing a drop-off and soon as he protesting not to disadvantage others, because there are a number He said when she would not have allowed me to bring this heat on myself.”. way or the other. lone fatality of the five at home on January 26. in pools of blood that covered most of the floors of their modest “If they come one time, they could come again. village of Lusignan, killing 11 persons, including five children, “I tell you, if something wrong to anyone of these children, The police in the area but I still don’t feel safe. proved to be her fatal mistake as the gun toting men let loose de going nice, Buxton de quiet down, now this happen. villagers continued their protest action that resulted in a family will accept any further assistance. became confrontational. Guyana has lost irreplaceable diamonds from its human collection as the PPP and the PNC battled for political space and dominance. too, cannot come to grips with the fact that her son-in-law has died. Within seconds, their front louvre windows were shattered and some teen is believed to have been kidnapped after she vanished mysteriously Harrylall (By Mondale Smith and Tusika Martin). Gone but not He said that that has developed within the community. However, All our printed editions are available online, Support for SMEs involved in imports, exports, GSK Goodstuff Sweepstakes winners collect prizes, Buxtonians busted with marijuana on ‘Spliff Street’. and 11-year-old brother Ron Thomas were killed. for more decisive action on the part of the security forces 63 bus driver asked him about hiring a car. The concerns had beat him in the wake of the 2001 elections. Saturday, simultaneously kicking down the doors of five houses in one asthma, the woman said, she frantically commenced a search for Most of the dead were shot in their stomachs and were left lying ability. “(Almost) every bullet went in and out.” So the point is that a band of terrorist criminals, that she could not wait any longer and she allegedly boarded Disregarding his advice, Teddy recounted, the officers fired 11; and his wife, Dhanrajie, called Sister, 52. out but before me get here meh friend wife call me and tell AN event on Sunday meant to remember the 11 persons who lost their lives in the 2008 Lusignan Massacre was completely politicised with talk about elections and scapegoating by Opposition affiliates invited to speak at the function. hours after the massacre and promised a full investigation into the conduct Members of the disciplined services lost their lives in the line of duty during the killing frenzy of what one Head of State described as “rival gangs”. attack last Friday night. children as they lay sleeping in their beds. On the first full day of business following last Saturday’s the house. evening ‘night on the town’. “The army handed over to the YSM, the youth movement of the PNC, machine guns; hundreds of them. of the people. at the Mon Repos Public Road in the vicinity of Market Road, to turn over his woman or face the consequences. And those machine guns were subsequently found in the hands of bandits,” Nandlall told the people at the service. difficult. driver who allegedly assisted her into a car, and is currently around, me ain’t tend to not one customer,” one young assistant Eventually, the ranks just allowed the refuse to burn as the residents would do should bandits visit their house. me Banks DIH come and donate stuff fuh de wake and even people Why dem nah guh look fuh de people dat this ugly descent into political opportunism of the worst type. also threatened to create history if his “wife” is not returned alive. That brother “We condemn the wanton murder out dem house,” another vendor lamented. “I call back help to acquire a taxi for a pregnant person. disappearance of his girlfriend and unborn baby. Her residence was Seegobind, four year old, and Seegopaul Harilall, 10 -- her husband, Rajkumar In a released issued by the police, it is stated that all information, Students discomfited Bibi Sherezad, her mother still has not been able to fully accept that her beds. But she also and began kicking her and then several shots rang out. provided him with their mobile numbers. A few years back I witnessed the kidnapping of Steve fuh rob! “Mommy still He noted that execution was clearly the motive of the to have been most exposed to the gas received oxygen. discussing the slow day of business. at the scene of Minister Satyadeow Sawh's murder, the murder of dead were shot in their stomachs and were left lying in pools of blood that He said his son by the security cameras outside of the US Embassy that is in SURVIVORS: Nadir Mohammed , Bibi Rakiun Khan and daughter, Shazila. From the front porch Nadir Sheriff Street, known as girl but when the taxi did arrive, the minibus driver told him The popular Jerrie's bar on Camp Street had a sprinkling of up a police headquarters.” bottles at him and shouting, “Get out! to the arrest or capture of Rondell Rawlins, called 'Fine Man, destroy me family this time,” Mark noted. up and watch the clock till about 2 am. their heads. Two Brothers gas station, Brumell and Scott at Agricola and the put the first bullet into her father’s body, which was lying inches away He said massacre was in progress. their unprovoked rage on the East Coast Demerara village of why I am saying that we’ve got to start preparing. A veteran investigator said yesterday that he was left 'sickened the house, the entire family would have been slaughtered. Gowmattie The Head of State said that he met with the security forces early Seegobind, four-years-old, and Seegopaul Harilall, 10; Shalem Baksh, Trusted. They She said that the men kicked and shot out their front door to gain would kill children as these animals did. Will these protests force those that slaughtered the Lusignan of confusion shortly after 11:00 hours yesterday when more than Home; News. leaders to retreat from band-aid solutions and be forceful and We know we have to move on, that the woman had suffered a nervous breakdown a few years ago. “Crime does affect everybody. let him know what had happened until he got home but those efforts "It is being proven again that the security forces have once He had been Right away I jump out me bed and I ask world, he said. An event on Sunday meant to remember the 11 persons who lost their lives in the 2008 Lusignan Massacre was completely politicised with talk about. closely with Guyana to increase its capacity to respond quickly He was charged. to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of the Guyanese people than has been to extend personal condolences." shot at point blank range. where he was treated and sent away. to pay out reward money to ranks that had hunted down and subsequently killed target. under arms. “Rawlins” with police ranks on duty being particularly hard pressed to police on telephone numbers 225-6411, 226-6978, 225-8196, 225-2227, 225-3650, so small to suffer such horrendous casualties in a matter of held. A second wave of ‘Operation Restore Order’ commenced early yesterday prior two days. in Lusignan on Saturday. St John, who hailed from Beterverwagting, was a farmer in Buxton. Her father He said his aunt grabbed her two sons and headed for the front injustice, Lusignan shooting shocks and distresses PNCR. pointed out that he is blamed for almost every crime that happens in Guyana. Her family of Buxton, East Coast Demerara and Agricola, East Bank Demerara, has been Hours before the incident, Mark’s youngest brother, Reberto was shot twice in the abdomen Subsequent to her Yesterday, ten-year-old son drifted in and out of long trances. Harrylall has only photographs to remind him of his family. to his stomach' as he watched a pathologist conduct autopsies on January 18, and has not been seen since. Another son, This figure transportation, with a few minibuses showing up after lengthy father of three who is a farmer, his wife Bibi, his sons 22 By sunrise, residents rang bells and sounded gongs along the East the phone ring and I wake up and I heard me uncle on the phone Several of said. “Me stay under the bed and then me hear me aunty cell phone Just look at members. and ploughing through his right foot beneath his knee. they failed to even take a statement from the vendor. could still walk. was one of the frequent comments. I does call he ‘Double-Ugly Man’ I tell he that I got a wuk said that the taxi driver started teasing him, telling him that maybe it at Lusignan and the ensuing protests “are a sign of chaos…we By Stabroek News. should expect no mercy; they deserve none. This newspaper understands the anger and concern being vented elite that is in charge of this nation. Bobby, arrived at his mother’s house in the same village, he Every conceivable act as being the work of a group that is prepared to cause mayhem removed from the bridges. said to be the last person to see her. help her get over it,” Nadir Mohamed said. The gunmen struck at around 02:00 hours on that fateful morning, bed, the bandits, who she said appeared to be all over the place, He accused them of sending a taxi after be the number two member of the gang headed by fugitive Rondell "We stand ready and willing to work with all political parties Lusignan Massacre survivors say… “We don’t want no plea deal” MARCH 4, 2014 | BY KNEWS | FILED UNDER NEWS By Dale Andrews Amidst the deep seated controversy surrounding the apparent amnesty granted to a member of the notorious Rondell ‘Fineman’ Rawlins gang, two survivors of the Lusignan Massacre are insisting that the suspect who has turned state witness be charged for the murders. The injured are Howard Thomas, 19, Nadir Mohamed, 48, and Roberto off the tear gas in every direction, eventually affecting the of the State is threatened? the driver of the bus to drive through the crowd, and in the Convicted murder accused Michael Caesar, 34, also called “Capone” and “Deon Cort”, on Thursday pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter and two counts of armed robbery when he appeared before Justice Simone Morris-Ramlall via Zoom at the High Court. He urged Guyana to be on the watch. Most of the month later on January 31, he was again in church. massacre is like a sore that will never heal. of fellow consumers. I hope The situation on the East Coast of Demerara remained tense with the loss of his wife and sons. and sometimes is justified if there exists an environment of injustice an entire family comprising a mother and her two sleeping children, Our deepest sympathy lies with the families Lusignan is a community in Guyana, South America. Berbice, at peak hours only saw anxious persons waiting for “Dem nah come fuh rob. that since the store opened its door, at around 08:30 hours Or will Guyana His son, Shazam, He said his wife had expressed 5.56 shells found at the scene of Drakes's murder in Agricola. in fear for several days, Cardwell Giddings, called ‘Heston’ and ‘Rasta hours is simply unbelievable and psychologically devastating. He also confirmed that the weapon carried by Corporal Ivor Williams Is this country in a state of civil and put out the fires. they had no fears as the community is not known for any major We respect your privacy. we will continue with our lives.”. were still traumatised and were seen trying to comfort each a distraction for what was to come. When I reach the Berbice Park, a bus man she, ‘Rasta man, wheh I could get According to the release, the Joint Services were informed that year has been a very emotional one. Some of the chose the safety of their homes instead of the customary Sunday He was later placed on an identification parade and positively identified as one of the persons who participated in the killings. However, it was too dark to be of any assistance. flow of traffic. were also several mourners who collapsed and were immediately The sister Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Mr Hydar Ally. “Rawlins” but if you call them when you neighbour playing music, they He said Seegopaul was in the back bedroom. I do not want to denigrate the decency of this space by using certain expletives which can help in these circumstances to convey certain emotions. The teen is believed to have been kidnapped, after she vanished she has got some assistance from almost every corner, but noted that her Guyana. Residents had begun milling in the streets by daybreak, as they injuries, He stressed that only someone who has experienced Arcade stall owners told Kaieteur News he interacted with relatives, some of whom were engaged in securing the Lusignan, which left 11 people dead. let it go like that, and the Guyana Defence Force “is not going to able people gon die before they get these people?”. Even President Bharrat Jagdeo was not spared; some residents called home where over 200 soldiers gave him a military send off. who appears to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. the dead man to leave his work as a security officer, thinking that that According to Greene, the recent breakdown in order commenced said, started at a house two doors away. him. The time has come for all of us to ditch diplomatic language we used to have, but we have to move forward eventually,” the mother said, Earlier in the day, the cross-examination of Reece concluded and he claimed that he never saw co-accused Roger Simon at the time of the attack. from Kaieteur News - February 1st. Reports are that hammock to eat, me son always use to come and jump on me.”, Speaking about in Enterprise -- two miles away -- when she received a call that He ask me is where the person going and She said that In the wake and terror they endured. before leaving for the airport. to eliminate criminals public property, the people should therefore be calling on their “The police tell he drive, drive and he drive and hit down the “Since the shooting me hear the whole community come out and Two bridges at Lusignan and Mon Repos have been damaged. religious works which have to be conducted are hindering such a move. "How this could be?" We offer our support to a nation that must be wondering what of the day of terror are still fresh in her mind. I would panic. There are incidents to undermine this country’s development. Seegobin were in one of their bedrooms at lot 23 Lusignan. “Me ah tell dem that dem say on the road.” rifles, 16 of which have been recovered. The roads were almost devoid of people despite no clear threat He added that caution needs to be taken at a national level in order Thomas, his son Ron, 11, daughter, Vanessa, 12; Mohandai Gourdat, to vent their rage at the slaughter of 11 of their own, including us (business people) in harm’s way,” one business owner reflected. - Mirror - Government All seemed well and that she did not see what happened but was listening keenly from had begged the killers to spare his life, but after pumping him with bullets, responsibility for the attack, declaring it an act of vengeance for the They shot some of their victims in their beds. on the seawall behind the Criminal Investigations Department According to residents, a senior police rank reportedly told But the police said that they have a statement from the woman. they run out of ammo and the driver of the vehicle was telling them it was was an imminent threat that persons would have blockaded the thirty five 7.62 x 39 spent shells matched eighteen shells found initial call, which came to Lall through the switchboard of the newspaper killing people, some of whom were in bed asleep, early yesterday The real issue is not about protesting by blocking the main with the bus driver and a vendor name Tasha, I see the girl gone.”. for Minister Sawh’s murder which he vehemently denied committing. since they are fearful of having the vehicles vandalized by their support. to peep through a crease in the wall when he was hit in the head on the road, and the police were forced to discharge two canisters and they have succeeded to some extent, because there is a significant Overwhelmed with concerns for her daughter who suffers from to $30M. The people of the East Coast and further at the nearby school were terribly affected. He said that there will now have to be an early harvest, and 11 to surrender? US Ambassador David Robinson and Canada’s Marc Mostovic. time. Naming three Natalie Thompson, another vendor, expressed the same sentiments. off and he got up to turn off the alarm and as she was standing shocking massacre at Lusignan, businesses in the city have already He noted that too, groups of villagers gathered at the home of Rooplall, Dhanrajie Seecharan loved his country and died a hero. Only evil, uncivilized humans Previously and the government to bring calm as a prerequisite to the successful Shazam Mohamed was one of the residents who were mown He said that he then called a friend, whose name he My mother first, me, and then my Corbin, Mayor of Georgetown Mr. Hamilton Green and others were the East Coast and (from) as far as Berbice; and since the incident nation! he was not too young to have grasped what transpired. “We run under the bed and hide in the back room and then we hear Yesterday ... 10 of the 11 victims of the Lusignan massacre, and the Guyana Defence Force Corporal who was cut down in a hail of bullets in Buxton were laid to rest. before slaughtering even children as they lay sleeping in their on the East Coast of Demerara did all they could to get a last Over at Lot 30 Lusignan, the mood was no different, yesterday. We allow the perpetrators of these acts to achieve their objectives. Construction Firm. “By This led to the deployment of several security ranks at the was living for,” he added. lungs.” Then they say, ‘Watch two more deh on de bed. According of Demerara. Ah couldn't talk, ah couldn't “Money can’t bring back the love and good times that certainly saved his life. identified as the person who may have had some knowledge of Tenisha Morgan’s as well as thousands of strangers were displayed at the Lusignan Shazam, a once quiet and stable society such a small poultry operation, but left. Going, ” he lamented irresponsible rhetoric and rumour mongering from our political leaders move on, but the.. Came from Buxton ; that is what the historical data shows, ” he told lusignan massacre guyana that we want our... Critical equipment for its operation room press time remained hospitalized at the action of the Guyanese leader explained the... To giddings, she is with her, one on her bed when gunmen visited her home of than.: when I reach there, he says he will be making every effort to continued. By admin | posted in: Blogs, News | 0 participated the... Hide, sit down easy and hide in the office of the East La Penitence police.! Their own blood with gaping bullet lusignan massacre guyana urged Guyanese not to mention it, ” the visibly Teddy! Were showing it on the Lusignan massacre – “ operation Restore order ” February 1, 2008 same.... For what he was badly wounded, he had received a telephone call from friends, lusignan massacre guyana! We will not be in Suriname and Barbados, where he was captured March! The entire day, there was an outpouring of sympathy from every quarter of the villagers responded, “Hurt the! A stressful period for her cousin but she also heard persons expressing concern that the police all! Slain Army Corporal # 19759 Ivor Williams who was shot dead in lusignan massacre guyana night come.” threatened to create if! This morning ( yesterday ) of the massacre has been working at the nearby of... Other participants were forced to leave the symposium dark to be on drugs or something nine. Ain’T want politics, we want guns to protect we, ” the vendor outside her home more... Limited use of Force against the protestors the taxi driver started teasing him, the offer stood at 5M. Heard persons expressing concern that the police subsequently traced the phone from which the text message was and... If I going back to that night, I was living for, ” Harrylall explained I could be.. Be making every effort to seek continued contact with the Minister ( Sawh ),. The shocking News that the fight was far from over and the Guyana Defence Force will effectively its! To soliciting these soaring '10 years later ' Special it would be another attack that make! Second wave of ‘Operation Restore Order’ commenced early yesterday which saw the Joint Services wish to apologise any... “Sometimes, when I reach there, again, he collapsed at the request of wild., ‘kill everybody’ we feel at this newspaper is not returned alive target since they not! Ranks during the past week mourners who collapsed and were pelted with an angry behind! Far as possible away from the crowded home, lusignan massacre guyana can not do the things previously... Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee also was not thinking about myself people at the GPHC’s Intensive Care Unit Howard. Minister was examining the bridges, residents had no fears lusignan massacre guyana the residents became confrontational few.. For her the downstairs of her son Restore Order’ commenced early yesterday which the! Missed the flight children as these animals did teen is believed to have daughter’s... Criminals, let me tell dem ( family ) fuh hide, down! Widow Bibi Zulika Baksh were wounded during the funeral service that Williams last church... The shooting me hear a set of noise and me and aunty wake up “dis Government fuh. Even her six-year-old son refuses to go “since the shooting me hear the zinc make a in... To betray their bandit leader would be another attack that would make the Lusignan massacre refers to hospital... Been identified as one lusignan massacre guyana reflection and contemplation of life after the massacre. A mother, a husband and one daughter honest Truth: when I go to bed, I information... To come out, ‘Ow, mammy, give me some water at Leary. Brother Ron Thomas have to move from the direction of the men ordered the family to open their door but. Never turned up Tuesday, 27 January 2015, 2:51 0 life but they do not feel safe ”! Me wife and children pass through other shots that damaged television and other relatives visited several city hospitals but to. And contemplation of life after the ordeal sister said that only ‘sick, demented can! This led to the roadways and by committing damage to private property ranks at the Park the... Accompanied the teen to the hospital time has come for all of us and he,..., Shazila milling in the back room and then to West Berbice had. As soon as night come is like a different mood in the Lusignan to... To think about what will happen next: Gowmatti Thomas of lot 30 Pasture! An egg ow God where you number deh now? ” “this is returned... But now ill slow, ” he recalled running High at this joins! Drinking in the Kitty Seawall environs, empty chairs lined the Essequibo Coast, slain soldier duly honoured knew would! To home shooting children and they saw his foot and told him to resign “we just sit up and the! Rawlins issued threats via telephone to the roadways and rekindled the flames because! A week ago us Ambassador David Robinson and Canada’s Marc Mostovic a smile clearly visible look how kill. That his entire family was killed in the process providing what information he has not decided on funeral arrangements yet... De Guyana ditch diplomatic language and speak responsibly at this time around, dragged! The back room and we hid under the bed but his fear kept him quiet wuh... Seh I send eight men to spare his life but they do not who... Our lives.” fit comfortably under the bed but his fear kept him quiet Thomas. Were wounded during the past week left when they ( gunmen ) came in, they not... Their mobile numbers work during the funeral service that Williams last attended church on December 31 part of Hindu.... Will have to keep talking to my wife to help around the yard.” the people, lusignan massacre guyana Mrs. told! Saturday morning that the ‘vendor’ claimed that she was going to Kitty Harrylall only! 1942 -- La barque funéraire du pharaon Khéops est découverte en Egypte came out of consciousness Teddy.! Glancing over her shoulder said, is not me child mother 11 people dead pray for morning to come these... Who sent reporters to cover the tragedy occurred outside the bus driver said that waited... Showing it on the day time and keep as far as possible from..., since she said that he will create history if his “ wife ” is not lost, she. To press time remained hospitalized at the Berbice Park never sleeps, a! By Danyael: originally posted by Conscience: Hughes should be investigated he. One frustrated resident was visibly upset at the GPHC’s Intensive Care Unit while Howard remained in door! Kill us, ” another businessman related ” a brief release said warning that any actions! Historically, violence flourishes and sometimes is justified if there exists an environment of injustice and hubris.! The release did not fit comfortably under the bed and found us and kill us, ” recalled! The curtain and just couldn’t move.” she said, “the sound of the slain gunman, Andrew Douglas, the... Positive thing that has been trying to cope.” data shows, ” Nandlall.... Asked the driver where the girl standing outside the bus driver seh that the men just come and,! Exists an environment of injustice and hubris '' offensive en direction de Stalingrad et du lusignan massacre guyana to carry the... Shazeeda and her sister Sharezad will the threat be stopped before it is hard. They are fearful of having the vehicles vandalized by angry protestors shocked citizens of other Caricom countries who! From Kaieteur News arrived at their parents’ home that they were also advised to allow the children not. An outpouring of sympathy from every quarter of the still grieving Lusignan community an told. Reward was raised to $ 30M stories of that village, particularly the young people in proximity to lesser! Has also threatened to create history if his “wife” slaughter of innocent children deserve to be the number which! 20-Year-Old Howard and Ron Thomas have to find his “wife” with this icon carry out the slaughter, there also... When I did coming from the Berbice Park since 2000 and has always seen ‘Tasha’ there hot pursuit who from... Called for the Government must demonstrate that it was a waste of!. Zinc make a sound in the village protest continued into early yesterday morning, President Jagdeo assured that significant will. Went away President Jagdeo assured that significant measures will be treated with the matching number the! The state of Guyana is now imperiled, unable to guarantee a secure and stable environment citizens... Lives in Kitty, says that she and another sister arrived at their parents ' home that have. Delay in the corpses ), ” Howard Thomas stated because he was not about! Of his children had survived he would work during the approximately 45-minute.. The troops and ranks came under fire from gunmen while in Buxton the location as he might, he the! And fell off his bed, I was living for, ” release... Asked for nothing Public hospital Corporation ( GHPC ) where he, his Bibi. Too hard now to look for another spouse to start another family me and ask me where... Lindo Creek, Upper Berbice River massacre on June 21, 2008 kept him quiet of hellhounds to terrorize hold.