Hi you can use a single hook with a bridle type set up or just lip hook the pillie, if I am using gangs for trolling I tend to come through the back/top of the pillie. Slide the rubber band onto the rigging needle, and loop it over the hook. Attach the hook, a 1 to 3-ounce barrel weight to the leader line and attach the … Shark fishing tips, How to rig a big shark bait using a single hook shark rig. However, a whole ballyhoo, an entire squid, a pilchard, or for that matter, a smaller blue runner all qualify. There’s no premeasuring and cutting (i.e., tailoring bridles to the size and types of live baits), and a rubber-band bridle … ... you can buy pilchard trolling rigs from some tackle shops. Use the 40-50-pound line leader for larger baits and 20 to 40 pounds line weight to the leader line for smaller and live bait like pilchard. This can be an advantage when using small liveys as it can negate the need to bridle rig these delicate baits. A pilchard, more commonly known as a sardine, is a type of small fish that’s found in many places across the world.Pilchards nearly always swim in large schools, and can grow to around 14 inches (35 cm) in length. If you are using dead bait try a plugged ballyhoo or half of a goggle eye. they are called spanyed special trolling rigs and are a set of gangs and a weighted green skirt. Learn how to rig different mackerel rigs that will bring marlin into your trolling spread. Orthodontic-type rubber bands work exceptionally well on small baits, such as herring, pilchards, and ­menhaden, and even larger ones, like goggle-eyes, hardtails, and mullet. 6 of the Best Spanish Mackerel Rigs for Marlin. Orthodontic-type rubber bands work extremely well on both small and large live baits, such as herring, pilchards or goggle-eyes. The fish are popular to eat, and are famous for the tightly-packed tins in … A description of baits of all types plus tips from 100 experts on catching, keeping, rigging and fishing them To learn how to bridle a live bait properly, follow the steps listed below, or checkout the saltwatersportsman.com article on their site. With these smaller baits, he also likes to bridle them across the nose on a 9/0 circle hook and slow troll them for sails and big dolphin while running a wired trailer J-hook pinned near the anal fin. A bridle is tied between the hook and the bait fish in order to keep the bait fish alive for a long time and to increase the chance of a good hook, since it is difficult to pull the bridle off. FIXED RIG: The circle hook is solidly fixed to the end of the leader by means of a locking knot at the top of the hook eye, such as a basic uni knot above, or with a crimp pulled down snug. A teary-eyed Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, 23, made an emotional visit to Paul Walker's Santa Barbara, California, home three days after the 40-year-old actor's death.