Detected cases of the novel coronavirus in Ventura County climbed to 20,193 as of Dec. 1, with 185 people who have succumbed to the illness. In Simi Valley, threatened with a riot for next Saturday, one homeowners association has taken responsibility for their community. The Rodney King uprising calmed after armed forces deployed to Los Angeles, but Mayor Tom Bradley knew that to prevent outbursts in the future, he had to address deeper, underlying issues. She rather put us at risk, to further her political career. Whatever happened to free speech? “If a city councilman is going to talk about hosing down protesters, what’s to say that the people that follow him aren’t going to do the same thing?” she said. Simi Valley's selection of carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic and porcelain tile, resilient vinyl flooring and area rugs. The press is becoming one big “safe place” and “insensitive” remarks are called racist. The penalties for looting are dependent on what particular crime the person committed. Walnut Creek looting arrests ... former Navy combat pilot Mike Garcia greets supporters in Simi Valley, Calif. The looting and arson now sweeping Minneapolis in response to George Floyd’s killing has no doubt triggered many ambivalent memories of that prior revolt 28 years ago. The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office sent deputies to Los Angeles to help respond to riots and looting over the weekend. Tags: looting, Online Threats, rioting, Ventura County Law enforcement agencies throughout Ventura County are receiving a heavy volume of phone calls from concerned residents regarding social media posts by people threatening to start rioting or looting in our local neighborhoods. Eric Buschow said it is part of a long-standing mutual aid agreement between first responders in California. I live in Simi Valley and this jerk should be kicked out of office. Ruth is the real enemy of the people of Simi Valley. Since then, other organizations in Southern California have rallied around those issues, but without more political weight and public support, they face a daunting path forward. Two Simi Valley residents were arrested this past weekend while looting a foreclosed home in their neighborhood. The looting, which also was reported in Long Beach, Pomona and Norwalk, rapidly became a free-for-all. More than 60 people were killed, more than 12,000 others were arrested and $1 billion in property damage was recorded during the five days of rioting. Even after a Simi Valley jury found the officers not guilty, Maddox consoled himself that the riots would make such police violence singular. Judge – who dismisses any accusations that he is a racist and says he respects the right to protest – said he doesn’t believe Simi Valley should host a scheduled protest this weekend. By most measures, RLA failed its mission. Sponsored By. On April 29, 1992, a Simi Valley jury announced its verdict in the trial of Laurence Powell, Stacey Koon, Timothy Wind and Theodore Briseño. I’m disgusted by your distastefully reporting of false news. Despite damning video evidence, the four Los Angeles Police Department officers were found not guilty of assaulting black motorist Rodney King, and — with the exception of Powell, for whom the jurors remained deadlocked — they were also found not guilty of exercising excessive force during the course of King’s arrest. “We have gotten a bad rap because of the Rodney King trial, and I think it puts us in a cross hair and I think drawing more attention to us is not a good idea,” he said. Located in Ventura County. He is the kind of guy I want in my corner, just look at the destruction that happened in so many other cities, do you want that in yours? Simi Valley City Councilman Apologizes For Posting An Anti-Protest Meme Today's LA Protests: When, Where And What We Know Reporting On Protests, Looting And Clean-Up In Santa Monica It don’t take a genius to know that the risks were there. Wow this is such a stupid statement … He lacks in awareness of the difficulties and is not sensitive to the plight of others. African Americans suffered disproportionately. Another 16,596 … “The protest and looting of Target in Austin that was done and organized by an Antifa web page and of course, the surveillance that was provided over the Internet identifying where law enforcement resources were staged, was done over Antifa accounts,” McGraw said, according to Reform Austin. Both fiery insurrections erupted as immediate reactions to police violence. The owner of a now-defunct management company in Thousand Oaks has been convicted of systematically looting hundreds of thousands of dollars from two homeowners associations in Simi Valley and Calabasas. Like Minneapolis today, L.A. in 1992 had its troubles: a police department that antagonized locals, a segregated geography that distributed housing and other resources unevenly, a public health crisis — the HIV/AIDS epidemic — that policymakers were slow to acknowledge and a weak labor market that funneled workers into low-paying service sector jobs. Looting Follows Protest In Van Nuys. “The fact that he referenced hoses to stop an African American protest shows that he doesn’t know anything about civil rights history in this country, and that he has a lack of consideration or empathy for our African American community,” said Luevanos. Mobilize the septic tank trucks, put a pressure cannon on ’em, and hose ’em down. View listing photos, review sales history, and use our detailed real estate filters to find the perfect place. A group looted the Super Discount Pharmacy in Van Nuys Monday afternoon. This man does not represent all of Simi Valley and should not hold ANY public office. In November 1992, Los Angeles Times journalists uncovered evidence that RLA Chairman Peter Ueberroth greatly exaggerated the scope of his organization’s successes and even lied about which big-name corporations he had negotiated with. After all, the project did little to address the structures — such as residential segregation, declining public education, poor medical care and draconian policing — responsible for racial inequality. The end.”. Judge – who is also 30-year veteran with the LAPD – said the meme was a joke meant to poke fun at the face mask debate. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department (VCSD) confirmed Tuesday morning that there have been no reports of looting or other violence connected to protests in Ventura County. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office sent deputies to Los Angeles to help respond to riots and looting over the weekend. Thank God the protests were peaceful, But you need to understand a man with 30yrs experience in law enforcement is going to have better insight than many of who don’t understand just how things really could have been. Eric Buschow said it is part of a long-standing mutual aid agreement between first responders in California. Earlier in the day Sunday, rumors on social media about possible looting that might take place at The Oaks mall prompted mall managers and law enforcement personnel to … 6 months ago. The meme he resposted clearly states “RIOTS”. The uprising and the resultant closing of stores had exacerbated a widespread hunger crisis, yet RLA had no plan for resolving it. Discussion of news topics with a point of view, including narratives by individuals regarding their own experiences. However the people interviewed all are saying that he was advocating the hosing down of Blacks and Protesters, but it didn’t say that, notice how this got twisted? Let me ask you all, how do you prefer to stop rioters? Address/Location Simi Valley Police Department 3901 Alamo St Simi Valley, CA 93063. Idiot. Unlike Toyota, IBM and Pioneer Electronics did not guarantee employment for those who completed their training programs; they were, in other words, preparing workers for opportunities that did not exist. BTW, this is not the first time Mr. Judge has made racially charged statements. A coalition of local activists and social critics insisted that the project’s model of attracting business investment could not — at least not by itself — remedy the racial inequality in Southern California. The Penalties of Looting. Simi Valley Mayor Pro Tem Mike Judge (credit: CBS) Judge’s social media pages have been flooded with comments from people critical of his post, with one person pointing out the hoses used on black protesters in the 1960s, to which Judge replied, “Are you equating the peaceful protests of the ’60s with the rioting and looting of today?” simi is a white cop town. NOT PROTESTERS! Not buying it. Mayor Pro Tem Mike Judge posted the meme on his Facebook page Monday, which read, “Wanna stop the riots? He does not represent us and needs to be kicked out by the same people who put him in. It was intended, the mayor suggested, to revive the ailing city by repairing demolished buildings and tackling egregious urban problems. They also pointed out that, although several RLA partners had indeed vowed to create job training centers, some offered no actual jobs to support that expanding labor pool. Say something offensive and awful, then step back and claim “I was just joking.” That is the catch phrase for abusive gaslighters everywhere. As unrest continues in Minneapolis and in cities across the country, we should reflect on the Rodney King revolt and its aftermath to reckon with ways to build a just society moving forward. V.N. Mark Zuckerberg faces strikes when he refuses to take down Trump’s tweets. These critics proved prescient. The long-struggling Simi Valley Town Center has a new owner who plans to redevelop the open-air shopping mall. Sat., July 7, a neighbor called the police after seeing flashlights in a vacant home next door in the 5400 block of Seneca Place. Of those arrested, 148 were Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story stated incorrectly that the jury was deadlocked on the excessive force charge against Stacey Koon, but it was deadlocked in the case of Laurence Powell. We didnt even get to vote for him. The BRILLIANCE of your IGNORANCE is BLINDING. In the aftermath of the Rodney King uprising, people eagerly imagined a better Los Angeles, but RLA squandered tremendous potential energy that might have been harnessed into something more transformative. You are clearly out to smear a good man by twisting the truth! Despite some early victories, however, many remained displeased with RLA. Or would you prefer to sit back and than to let them destroy your town, and do nothing? According to one estimate, South Central L.A. lost 55,000 jobs from 1992 to 1999. Get it strait! Outraged that the criminal legal system had delivered such an astonishing result, countless Angelenos stormed the streets, looting and burning stores throughout the city. The joke was aimed at RIOTERS! Do you think the rioters don’t care about your life and property? Because shoving a minor is a good way to start it. He wrote a caption at the top of the meme that read, “This is brilliant. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. i hope the police can be professional and rein themselves in. A looter in Philadelphia learnt a major life lesson when her own car full of looted products was looted by other looters overnight. The Simi Valley Democratic Club and the Ventura County Democratic Party both called for Judge to resign, according to the paper. Latest Videos. This isn’t the first time Mike Judge’s sense of humor’s been in question. Capt. Why did discourage the protests? Ask yourself why is it “okay” to do if they are rioters?? That means RIOTERS. Because he cares for the city, knowing the risks were very high for conflicts due to the past history of the Rodney King trials. The looting and arson now sweeping Minneapolis in response to George Floyd’s killing has no doubt triggered many ambivalent memories of that prior revolt 28 … 1992 Los Angeles riots Smoke rising from a building set on Hollywood Blvd. Protests for racial equality, woven between bouts of looting and vandalism by opportunists, continued Monday as Southern California residents started … Dear CBS editors, YOU folks owe Mr Judge a HUGE APOLOGY for your lack of simple fact checking. Ultimately, the project could not counter an emerging employment crisis. Is Ruth not allowed her right to freedom of speech? Another organizer observed that RLA had successfully closed long-term deals with prominent corporations while letting more immediate needs, such as access to food and baby formula, go entirely unaddressed. At 12:45 a.m. on March 3, 1991, robbery parolee Rodney G. King stops his car after leading police on a nearly 8-mile pursuit through the streets of Los Angeles, Yet, in both cases, the faster, more spectacular violence of looting and arson arose from the slower, more insidious violence of racism against these communities. Apparently, Williamson is unfamiliar with the Ten Commandments, one of which clearly states, “Thou shalt not steal.” Drew Brees gets chastised for supporting the flag. Vons Companies, for instance, agreed to build 12 new supermarkets in the L.A. area, which would improve locals’ access to groceries and create an estimated 2,000 jobs. If you don’t like it, vote against Judge, or whatever, but let them speak. Looting by burglary and looting grand theft have the same consequences. They have already set up guards at the entrances to the community, working on three hour shifts. Trinh is a doctoral candidate in the history department at Yale University. Flooring on sale now. ... protests, rioting, fires and looting … The prevailing attitude amongst the “it’s okay” crowd seems to be that Judge was “only” referring to “rioters”., Thousands Still Unable To Access EDD Benefits From Bank Of America Due To Ongoing Fraud Suspicions, Pasadena Volunteers To Patrol Streets, Help Enforce Mask Mandates, Some Evacuation Orders Lifted In Bond Fire; Multiple Homes Destroyed, Firefighters Hurt, Thousands Evacuated In Wind-Driven Bond Fire Near Irvine, Regional SoCal Stay-At-Home Order Set To Be Triggered By Alarming Increase Of Coronavirus Cases, Evacuation Orders Issued After Mulch Yard Fire Spreads To Santa Ana River Bottom In Riverside County, 2 People Found Dead In Lancaster After Authorities Respond To Gas Leak, LA Budget Report Recommends Layoffs Of 1,679 LAPD Officers, Civilian Employees, Garcetti Issues Targeted Safer At Home Order For City Of Los Angeles, LA County Sheriff Announces Crackdown On 'Super-Spreader Events'. During an RLA board meeting, it became clear that an overwhelming majority of the funds had gone to “personnel and administrative costs” and not actual programming. It is tempting to fall into the trap of endlessly moralizing over protesters or looters or the legality of their actions or the righteousness of their cause, yet the real work of justice, if it is to happen at all, will take place in the weeks and months and years following this revolt, and it will require us to reckon with generations of structural racism. 4.3K; 235 5/9/2020 12:55 PM PT Exclusive. Where are the extraordinary actions taken by Steinberg or Newsom to stop the rioting and looting? We need to vote him gone. Indeed, the two historic moments share more than a few similarities. Here's proof we're living in the 'Twilight Zone' now -- … As was the case in Los Angeles in 1992, Minneapolis insurrectionists and their communities cannot be made whole by more armed law enforcement authorities patrolling their streets and surveilling their neighborhoods, nor through corporate promises and neoliberal policies. A number of corporate partners eagerly signed on with RLA, and for a while, the strategy looked like it might succeed. NO WHERE! Looting erupted Sunday in Long Beach. Rebuilding after this ongoing revolt will require tackling the myriad grievances that provoked it in the first place. When it comes to burglary or grand theft, a person can either be charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the facts of the case. Contact Emergency: 9-1-1 Non-emergencies: 805-583-6950 In doing so, Bradley believed, the project would kindle a trickle-down renaissance of jobs, ultimately resulting in “a better Los Angeles” that would “leave no one behind.” In an era of slashed budgets and economic austerity, many agreed that the private sector was best equipped to carry out Los Angeles’s reconstruction and fix its problems. His current project investigates race, justice and policing in 20th century Los Angeles. According to the Simi Valley Police Department, at 11:30 p.m. By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. Former Democrat presidential candidate Marianne Williamson just HUMILIATED herself while trying to justify the looting in Philadelphia. Since Mr. Judge explains that there is no such thing as a “peaceful protest”, EVERYONE at a protest would be a rioter, right? One Simi resident who asked not to be identified told CBS2’s Kristine Lazar she was concerned that Judge’s post could put protesters in harm’s way. Simi Valley, CA 93063 On April 29, 1992, a predominately white jury in Ventura County acquitted four police officers of using excessive force in the beating of King. UPDATE (JUNE 1): On Sunday night, 155 people were arrested during protests for George Floyd on the Las Vegas Strip, according to Las Vegas police. But Hugs Are Welcome. A jury in the Los Angeles suburb of Simi Valley acquits four police officers who had been charged with using excessive force in arresting black motorist … Categories: News, KCALTV, Top Story. Later, in October 1993, the project revealed that it had exhausted most of its $3 million start-up grant, originally intended to last five years. Toyota collaborated with the Los Angeles Urban League to open an automotive training center, which over the next 12 years trained 3,000 Angelenos to become car mechanics and secured them jobs upon graduation. ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Dear Simi Valley and especially this guy, do you want looting and violence here? I agree with you Charles, Just what we need with a peaceful protest scheduled. Sensing that simply hiring more police officers would not correct the underlying injustice, on May 2, Bradley unveiled an ambitious project called Rebuild Los Angeles (RLA). Hardly becoming for a council person. They argued that this multifaceted problem required affordable housing and better public schools, not just corporate promises and trickle-down economics. It had mismanaged valuable resources, ignored concerned critics and stubbornly insisted on a single-minded strategy that acknowledged only one aspect of a complex crisis. Over the next six days, the violent uprising took more than 60 lives and caused almost a billion dollars of property destruction. Using tax breaks and other financial incentives, RLA would entice corporations and businesses into setting up shop in Southern California. If rioters were out to destroy your business,(I don’t matter what color they happen to be) and they could be stopped with hoses, I’d say that would be better and safer for everyone than using bullets! Simi Valley Councilwoman Ruth Luevanos – who last year was at the center of another racially charged controversy after she referred to border detention centers as “concentration camps” – was also concerned about Judge’s comments. “This looting shit is not worth it,” the reformed looter says on camera. It’s interesting to note: His joke mentioned hosing down RIOTERS, it never said blacks, or protesters! It will also enforce the mask rule.”, “That’s all I wanted to do, was make fun of the mask wearing but obviously people didn’t take it that way,” he said. “There have been numerous online posts threatening to loot and/or riot in VC communities,” said Captain Eric Buschow, with media relations for the VCSD, responding via email to the VCReporter. LAPD confirmed they were aware of Judge’s posts and that internal affairs is reviewing them. Pink's husband Carey Hart warns wildfire looters 'will be shot on sight' and urges Californians to 'defend your land' with 2nd Amendment after the … Zillow has 256 homes for sale in Simi Valley CA., Look at Luevanos carrying anti-police signs earlier. I applaud her taking a stand against racism here in Simi Valley. “I don’t think I did anything wrong, except maybe post a joke that was in bad taste.”, Simi Valley Mayor Pro Tem Mike Judge (credit: CBS), Judge’s social media pages have been flooded with comments from people critical of his post, with one person pointing out the hoses used on black protesters in the 1960s, to which Judge replied, “Are you equating the peaceful protests of the ’60s with the rioting and looting of today?”. Where did Mr Judge, “…he referred to the use of hoses on protesters”??? Others worried about the project’s lack of transparency; one Crenshaw-based organizer described investment money ostensibly earmarked for her district as “ghost funds, because they’re supposed to be there, but nobody’s seen them.”. SIMI VALLEY (CBSLA) – A Simi Valley city official is facing calls for his resignation after a social media post in which he referred to the use of hoses on protesters as a solution to end the rioting and unrest across much of Southern California. TMZ Compsite. Capt. Micah “Mimi” Washington, owner of Mimi’s Braid Boutique in Bixby Knolls, was 28 when fires and looting erupted across Los Angeles County, including Long Beach, after a Simi Valley jury acquitted 4 LAPD officers in the beating of black motorist Rodney King.